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Suddenly my largely ignored blog is attracting attention!

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I have been trying to emphasise the point that management in the universities has been infected with a problem that is widespread. I’ve been critical of what I choose to label managerialism for quite some time and long before I uttered a word on universities.

It is at best evasion and at worst daft to characterise this is an assault on – even a rejection of – management. Nothing happens in any organisation without an effective management system. Criticism of managerialism is a defence of management. It is essential that managers and those who teach management create a clear distinction between what they do and what has been going on.

Staff have always poked fun at management. That’s how people got along but it is no longer funny. Sure, it is much easier now to poke fun but the joke is laden with worry as workers and managers in very many organisations despair at the guff, the job titles, the waste, and the self serving systems.

Denial won’t do. Managers need to act.



  1. Colum,

    I think that the debate in the letters page following the article has been very good. There is a good letter today from a lecturer in NUI about the “very old hat” of just reading Shakespeare’s plays versus the UCD initiative of having students devise a marketing plan for Shakespeare’s Globe theatre.

  2. NUI Galway that should read

  3. Colum,

    On a related note, my latest blog ‘A country is not a business’ might be of interest to you.

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